Why Wander?

It’s what I do.

I spend my days as a homeschooling mom either planning travel or traveling with my family.  I’m a wanderer.
My musings range from festivals and days at Disney World to national and state parks with beach and museum days in between.

I’m Portia. My family includes my husband of (almost) 25 years and our five children.  But mostly, you’ll find photos of where we wander and our youngest 2 adventurers, Parker & Piper.

We travel family style, often looking for the best deals while also finding adventure for free.  We explore on nature walks through parks, preserves, trails, and conservation areas wherever we go.

How we

  1. We go with the flow. Flexibility is number 1.

  2. Subscribe to price alerts and pay attention to sales.

  3. Book hotels far in advance that can be changed if necessary.

  4. Drive if it’s under 5 hours because messing around in the airport will cost you the same time. (Woohoo road trip!)

  5. Walk as much as possible, especially in big, walkable cities.  It’s a pain trying to find parking anyway. (Yes, you could use a parking app which makes it much easier.)

  6. Be organized, from setting up your itinerary to how you pack and travel through an airport.  Organization makes it seamless, even with kids.

  7. Reward points and miles.  Pay attention to them, earn them, pool them, and redeem them. (I’ll be sharing some of my favorite freebies from point hacking!)

  8. Always carry baby wipes and sunglasses.  I’m not sure how you’re living without those 2 things.

Where have we been?


Where are we going?

Everywhere else.

Sooner or later.


Thanks for for wandering with us...